James Denson is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He holds a Bachelor's in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics. There he gained a great deal of knowledge concerning not only film production, but traditional art as well. Since college James has also worked in the Information Technology field for several years. He is also a self-published author.

James has done several music video productions, animations, and video editing over the years. From commercial production for clients to covering weddings, he is very experienced at working with a vast variety of clients. James has also worked in several aspects of IT doing Tech Support, troubleshooting hardware, and network access. His first self-published novella “Justice and the Law (a western)” is now available on Amazon. “

Currently, James is creating several pieces of content pushing his limits of film, and animation. His current goal is to make a feature film of his novella. He has also written several short stories in the genres of comedy, sci-fi, and drama. His greatest goal is to be a director and owner of his own media company. There he would push meaningful art of all genres.

If you would like to view James’ work, or contact him. Please visit jimdenson.com, or email at densonmedia@gmail.com.